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Posts Tagged ‘Divorce’

Jul '09

Tattoo Stupid

I never intended to get a tattoo. The idea of having something permanently inked on my body just did not fit my personality. Over the years there were discussions of “what if . . . . ?”, but I never seriously considered myself a candidate. For my forty-first birthday I did, with a push from […]

Jun '09

Diary of a Divorcee Part III

It is Saturday evening, the sun is going down on what was a very hot, breezy day on the Third Coast, and I – Ta Da – processed all four Memory boxes. Whittled four to one and recycled two boxes. The small rectangular box replaced the old bible box that held my teenage and early […]

Jun '09

Diary of a Divorcee Part II

Since the move to The Flat, and especially since the lay off, I have spent numerous hours going though boxes and paring things down to “my” stuff. I have never been a pack rat and since I have moved like a gypsy my entire life opportunities to cull the stuff come every few years, it […]

Jun '09

Diary of a Divorcee

Until April 2008, I had never lived alone. From family to marriage to motherhood, widowed at nineteen one month before motherhood, married again at thirty, divorced at thirty-three, married again at forty-four, and divorced (again!) at fifty-two. I have had so many last name changes it makes me dizzy. When living arrangements with my soon […]